Monika Kruse Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set (26.08.16)

High energy boosters courtesy of Monika Kruse in her hypnotic BR debut.



  1. I Am – Cryptik
  2. Blackjack (NiCe7 edit) – Enzo Tucci, Leon (Italy)
  3. Love Supreme – Peter Pardeike
  4. Tel Aviv – Redshape
  5. Fall To Earth – Clint Stewart & Stephan Hinz
  6. Blur (Natcht & Dothen Remix) – Alex Gori
  7. Meantime (Part 1) – Citizen Kain & Kiko
  8. Chanted – DRUNKEN KONG
  9. Satisbeat – Skober
  10. Lost & Broken – Noir & Hendrick Burkhard
  11. We Do What We Want – Alan Fitzpatrick
  12. Acid Phase  – Emmanuel Top


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