Farbräder, Karten und Tabellen durch die Geschichte

Richard Waller’s „Tabula Colorum Physiologica“ (1686)

probably Claude Boutet’s 7-color and 12-color color circles (1708)



Harris’s Shaded Colour Wheel (1731-1785)



Schäffer’s color samples of the seven simple and natural principal colors (1769)



Lichtenberg’s replication of Tobias Mayer’s color triangle (1775)



Lambert Farbenpyramide (1772)



A treatise on painting – In four parts The whole illustrated by examples from the Italian, Venetian, Flemish, and Dutch schools (1837)


Studie zur Farbenlehre. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe und Friedrich Schiller: „Die Temperamentenrose“. (1798/99)